The Homemade Furniture Trend is Here to Stay

Homemade Furniture Trend is Here to Stay

Homemade Furniture Trend is Here to Stay

Homemade Furniture:  Now Trending

How do furniture trends even start out? Trends start out based on who is buying what and what is convenient for people to buy based on their lifestyles. This is exactly how furniture trends start as well.  Some people confuse fads and trends with each other, please do not do this. Where a fad is usually something that will burn out quickly, a trend is more of a lasting overall style.

Furniture trends, last a bit longer than fashion trends do because of the difference in price. There is a lot of information and decision making involved in furniture buying, and the market has now shifted from being males who are buying furniture to being predominately young women.

Go Green!

As you can see, going green is more of a lifestyle than one particular piece of furniture, which would constitute a fad. Going green is becoming extremely popular. With environmental issues becoming a huge topic in today’s news: people want to start making a difference, so why not start with your furniture selection.

Some of the major environmental concerns that impact furniture buying include: the influence in climate change after deforestation and the affects that dangerously toxic finishes have on the air inside your home.

Another tip for going green is to take refurbish older furniture into homemade furniture.

Outdoor Furniture

The growth in popularity of outdoor furniture over the past few years has been astounding. The main reason is property owners are keeping their homes longer, which makes them want to invest in their property as much as possible and use all of the spaces in creative ways.

One option is purchasing homemade furniture from a local buyer. Homemade furniture tends to be of good quality and you can personally ask the designer about the durability and which of the outside elements it can withstand.

Many furniture pieces can be used as outdoor furniture. However the smartest decision is purchasing furniture specifically made for outdoor use. By doing this you can assure that the furniture will be more durable against outdoor elements, which will lead to future savings.

Custom Homemade Furniture

Customizing furniture or repurposing is become a lot trendier due to DIY websites such as Pinterest. Customizing or repurposing furniture allows homeowners to purchase a piece of furniture that has positive and negative qualities according to the homeowner and change the qualities they don’t like.

When it comes to repurposing the furniture a lot of home owners will add paint or cushions to spruce up an older piece. These older pieces can also be used easily as a focal point in the room or an accent piece. Guest will also love talking about your homemade furniture.

Trends that are here to Stay

As you see some trends fade quickly, these are three of the new trends that furniture experts expect to stick around for a while. Whether you are a home owner or if you are renting your home these trends are easy to incorporate into your space. Look out for new ideas, but these trends are here to stay!

Eco-friendly Outdoor Homemade Furniture

Eco-friendly Outdoor Homemade Furniture

Learn why homemade furniture has become a lasting and eco-friendly trend.

Research on Mexican Rustic Furniture Design’s Influence

Mexican and Southwestern Furniture- Where it’s From and Where it’s Going

Research on Mexican Rustic Furniture Design’s Influence

Research on Mexican Rustic Furniture Design’s Influence

Southwestern style is an unforgettable tenant of rustic furniture. While we are right in claiming that as a style favored in the Southwest region of the US and Central America, there are influences in some pieces that include elements of Native Indian, Spanish Colonial, Arabic, Mexican Ranchero and sometimes even Chinese motifs. Native Indians became large producers of Southwestern furniture when the Spanish arrived in the 1500s and found the area abundant with lumber that was often fashioned into beautiful designs by the former Aztecs and Mayans. Over 500 years later, the tribes are still at work producing rustic furniture and wood products on their reservations with demand growing due to the popularity of the furniture in the USA and at home in Mexico.

How is Southwestern Rustic Furniture Made?

The truth is that most furniture in the ‘southwestern’ style is crafted from soft Mexican pine that is overpopulated in the Sierra Madre Mountains near the Durango and Chihuahua provinces. A popular finish for Mexican furniture is waxed wood, which emphasizes the natural colors of the furniture while protecting the wood against advanced aging. Sometimes, we see Mexican furniture painted in traditional fiesta bright primary colors with cartoon-like sun faces, birds and flowers are reminiscent of Mexico’s’ cathedrals.

From Country Haciendas to the Big City- Mexican Furniture Spreads Far and Wide

While Mexican style furniture is most used in countryside Haciendas, the style has spread to larger cities like Mexico City. This style has been mimicked in homes in the Southwest US,  It is a versatile style that can be very practical and ages gracefully.  Often, the more beat-up it gets in life – the better it looks.

Adopt Rustic Furniture in Your Home

Adopt Rustic Furniture in Your Home

Adopt Rustic Furniture in Your Home for an Authentic Southwestern Design

Outdoor wood furniture creates perfect dinner parties under the stars!

Create an Irresistible Outdoor Dining Area with Your Outdoor Wood Furniture

Create an Irresistible Outdoor Dining Area with Your Outdoor Wood Furniture

Outdoor Dining with Fashionable Outdoor Wood Furniture

What is fashionable between landscapers and interior designers right now? Discovering ways to make a smooth transition between your indoor and outdoor living areas seems to be a trending topic for 2014.  Designers look beyond the separation of the two spaces and teach you how to transform two spaces into one.

As much as people enjoy cookouts and being outdoors, in the past, it hasn’t been something people look forward to all year long. Recently, we see people excited about spending time outside all year with reliable outdoor wood furniture, making their outdoor areas an extension of their homes.

The entertainment opportunities are endless when you think about all of the possibilities after creating an outdoor dining area.  There are certain elements you should consider first, like:  Where will the kitchen be most sufficient?  After deciding on a convenient location for the kitchen you can then decide on other elements like the placement of living area, entertainment, and a place for dining.

1.Your Outdoor Furniture Needs to be Reliable   

Creating an outdoor kitchen is a long-term investment for your home.  Finding materials and furniture that can hold-up against outdoor weather is important. Outdoor wood furniture can provide durability and has a strong finish that will last for many years, making it a great option for bar and dining areas.

Take a look at our wooden bar stools here

After you have chosen the perfect outdoor wood furniture, you will need to think about materials for appliances.  Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and can be cleaned with ease.  When thinking of your counter tops granite is the best option, granite can be cultured which includes UV stabilizers.  Materials to avoid when selecting countertops:  porous materials, tile, and natural stone.

2. Being Able to Function

Making sure to create your kitchen with functionality is important.  You want to consider the layout of your entire space.  For example, you will want your grill and countertops close for convenience.  You will also need refrigeration and sinks to complete your kitchen.  Keeping in mind the location of these areas will be imperative to being able to function easily in your kitchen.

3. Connecting Your Two Spaces

Connecting the space between your indoor and outdoor living area will create a nice flow and easy access to your new living space.  One great way to do this is to create a path where you and your guest can walk easily from one space to the other.

Also, while styling your outdoor area you want to keep in mind the design of your home,  these two areas do not have to have the exact style but making sure they complement each other is important. Using outdoor wood furniture in the same material as indoor pieces will help with this flow.

4. Make Sure the Whole Backyard Flows

A mistake many people make when trying to create an outdoor living area is making the space too compartmentalized.  When you are designing your area make sure you think about other spaces you might have outside. These include a play area, a pool, gardens, fire-pits, considering these areas and where the traffic will be is a good idea in order for your space to flow nicely.

Dining with Outdoor Wood Furniture Year Round

Dining with Outdoor Wood Furniture Year Round

5. Making Dining with Outdoor Wood Furniture Comfortable Year-Round

Firstly, you will want to make sure your outdoor space has ample lighting; applying task lighting can expand the time you will be able to spend in your space.  Music is also something to consider avoiding the hassle of adding it later; making sure the music is in an accessible place that is also distant from wet areas.  As you think of temperature adding heaters for chilly weather and adding ventilation for warmer weather will help to be comfortable in all seasons.

Something Else to Consider

Since you are now maximizing the time you can spend outside it is time to consider more options.  Growing your own food will add freshness to any meals you prepare.  Starting a garden, growing trees for fruit or having livestock are all options to upgrading your space, your health and reducing your carbon footprint.

Outdoor Wood Furniture

Jackson Hole Wyoming Gets Wild…Wildlife Photography By Nick Brandt

Nicke Brandt - Love of Africa

Nicke Brandt – Love of Africa

Photographer Premieres Wildlife Show

Acclaimed photographer and videographer Nick Brandt recently premiered his wildlife photography show “Elegy: The African Photography of Nick Brandt, 2001-2008” at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole Wyoming. The collection has been received with wide acclaim, especially for Brandt’s lack of a telephoto lens, meaning he got close and personal with many animals on the African Savannahs.

Brandt’s Close Up Shots of Wild Animals

Brandt wished to reveal the personalities of the animals in his pieces, as one would with human subjects. So he photographed them in the same style.

“You wouldn’t take a portrait of a human being from a hundred feet away and expect to capture their spirit; you’d move in close,” Brandt said.

Nick Brandt may not have needed a telephoto lens, but he did need patience. Getting close with creatures whose moods you can’t easily read takes some time. Brandt waited to make sure the animals were comfortable with him getting close and personal. However it was worth it to portray the animals as feeling and thinking beings, as well as the delicate ecosystem that surrounds them. These effects were Brandt’s major goals, and it comes out through the movement and simplicity of his black and white shots.

Nick Brandt Photographer in Jackson Hole

Nick Brandt Photographer in Jackson Hole

How Nick Brandt Started Taking Wildlife Photographs

Brandt’s wildlife photography is breathtaking, but it was not his first calling. He studied art and film in college, then moved to the United States in the early 1990s, where he became a successful music video director, working on three of Michael Jackson’s videos, as well as directing videos for Moby, Jewel and others. However, when he went to East Africa to shoot the video for Michael Jackson’s Earth Song, he became passionate about the landscape and animals. Realizing film wouldn’t express his medium as well as still shots would. He has revolutionized wild life photography through utilizing close up photographs in black and white that are shot with one of two length lenses. They remind one of animals from another century.

What Elegy Means to Photographer Nick Brandt

Brandt considers the collection an elegy to two things: the animals and the world they live in. The African plains are a big change from the roaming mountains of Jackson Hole, so it was important for Nick Brandt to portray the delicacy of this distant place.

““I want my images to achieve two things in this regard: to be an elegy to a world that is tragically vanishing, to make people see what beauty is disappearing,” Brandt said. “Also, to try and show that animals are sentient creatures equally as worthy of life as humans.”

Near Jackson Hole? How to See Elegy

The exhibit will be in place at the National Museum of Wildlife Art until August 10 2014, so visitors and residents of Jackson Hole Wyoming will have plenty of time to view these stunning and touching portraits. The museum is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays. Adult admission costs $12, $10 for seniors, $6 for children 5-18, and free for kids five and under. If you ride the free, local START bus, you’ll receive $1.00 off your admission!

Nick Brandt Wildlife Photography


Exploring The World Around Jackson Hole

Need Help Deciding Which Side of the Tetons You Should Live On

Need Help Deciding Which Side of the Tetons You Should Live On

Scouting Out For the New Jackson Hole

If you’re into skiing, then you know about Jackson Hole, one of the United States most popular locations for hitting the slopes, and rightfully so. You go for the skiing but everyone does, which creates the biggest downfall for Jackson Hole, the crowds.

On my last trip to Jackson Hole I decided to branch out and see what else was around. I wanted to see if there was something more but I was actually looking for something less; less crowded, less tourism, and more value in terms of real estate. I found it.

Average Snowfalls in the Area

The Average Snow Fall near Driggs Idaho Real Estate is 500 Inches per Year

The Average Snow Fall near Driggs Idaho Real Estate is 500 Inches per Year

National Geographic named Idaho Falls as one of the top 10 emerging ski towns in the world this year. If you must ski in Jackson Hole the drive is only about 40 miles, however, about 10 miles away is the Grand Targhee from Driggs Idaho real estate and the average snowfall is 500 inches a year. While comparing the differences between the two ski locations, I also found the lift ticket for Grand Targhee considerably lower at $72,  as opposed to the $109 lift ticket at Jackson Hole.  Another difference between the two ski locations is that Grand Targhee is far less crowded than the neighboring Jackson Hole. The accumulation of snow in the past 48 hours at Grand Targhee located close to Driggs Idaho real estate is 4 inches, while the accumulation at Jackson Hole is just 3 inches. The number of trails is close, with Jackson Hole having 116, while Grande Targhee has 99.  However, Jackson Hole does not have any expert slopes and Grand Targhee has five. Whatever you are looking for one of these two skiing locations will have it.

Besides skiing Idaho Falls offers many outdoor activities, and if you’re like me, taking a break from skiing can sometimes be welcoming.

Winter outdoor activities:

  • Skiing at Grand Targhee or Jackson Hole
  • Snowshoeing
  • Snow Mobiling
  • Dog Sled Tours

Summer outdoor activities:

  • Mountain Biking
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Horseback Riding

Discovering Driggs Idaho

Idaho Fall has an Emerging Restaurant Scene

Idaho Fall has an Emerging Restaurant Scene

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I was also thrilled to find that Driggs Idaho has an emerging restaurant scene.  In 2013 the town hosted the first annual Wine Fair with over 100 of the regions finest wines.  As appealing as that sounds, it was also backed up when the locals told me what a great time it was.

Another trendy spot that was recently added in the area is Teton Thai.  This hot new restaurant features recipes passed down from their family in Bangkok, ranging from regional dishes to Muslim style dishes.  They also have a variety of beers, wines and sake, all reasonably priced and in a fresh swanky atmosphere.

The friendly small town atmosphere, feels even more genuine here than across the other side of the Tetons. I noticed the difference as soon as I stepped out of my car that the atmosphere was more relaxed.  On my visit, I learned about one of the festival events that is held there yearly called, Celebrate America, where the Huntsman family of the Huntsman Springs community, open up their resort to everyone in the valley on July 4th; making even visitors feel at home as they watch the largest firework display in the valley.

If you are planning on buying  home in the area make sure to compare prices of homes between the two locations.  After doing some research I found that if you decide to relocate to Jackson Hole you are simply paying for the zip code.  A 5 bedroom 5 bathroom house located in Huntsman Springs is priced at $1.89 million.  In Jackson Hole 35 miles away a 4 bedroom 5 bathroom house is listed at $4.95 million; a difference of just over $3 million.

My advice is get to this place before it gets too hot.  The area is relatively inexpensive now especially compared to the neighboring Jackson Hole.  You will be getting what you pay for and more.  The experience of this small quite town is one I won’t forget.